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Bonds Simmons

Bonds Simmons

Born and raised in New York City, Bonds established himself as a extraordinary rapper in the mid 2000's among the DVD era through his talent, and assistance in the production of the most influential S.M.A.C.K. DVD, as well as features in other top publications. Through a series of impressive independent releases Bonds gained the attention and respect of the New York City underground rap scene. However, a series of personal issues (that are all explained in recent recordings) derailed the artist and subsequently landed him in prison for a term. 

In 2014, after being released from prison, Bonds relocated to Atlanta to refocus his agendas and rebuild his family. Soon after, he found success in the business world outside of music. Simmons carries his last name in effort to preserve legacy and center his purpose as an artist. By introducing to the world a new brand [THE NEW RELIGION], he hopes to have a positive effect on the culture. Bonds does not want the youth to adapt the mind state that he did at a point in his own life. He describes 'The New Religion' as not only a business, but a ministry and what he refers to as a 'triple M empire' [music, media and merchandise]. 

In 2017, Bonds released a highly reviewed mixtape entitled 'MAKE RAP GREAT AGAIN!', which is currently available on all streaming platforms. 

Most recently in 2018, Bonds released his 1st long anticipated studio album 'GHETTO GOSPEL (7 Day Theory)', which will be 1st of a series that is said to be the most important music an artist of this generation can make. Aimed to spark the mental as well as the spiritual being. This is part of the ministry of The New Religion. There are also collaborative rap projects in the works soon to be announced. 

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