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The #1 Independent Premiere Entertainment Company

The #1 Independent Premiere Entertainment CompanyThe #1 Independent Premiere Entertainment Company


Johnny, also known as The Neighborhood Pitcher was born in the borough of Queens, New York City and raised briefly in Harlem as a child. In 1992, Baceball's family moved back to Queens in the neighborhood of South Jamaica during his Junior High School years. It was at this time, he began to DJ and rap. In the late 90's, Baceball eventually developed a passion for beat production, adding to his many talents. 

In 2005, Johnny built a music studio of his own where he started recording himself and his peers. His creativity did not stop there, because shortly after he gained an interest for videography. Baceball was now filming music videos and learning editing software, which lead him in the direction of cartoon animation during 2014.

With his versatility, there's no telling which trade he will master next. Johnny easily becomes an asset in a vast amount of situations including, but not limited to, carpentry as well.

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Johnny Baceball

Johnny Baceball